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We sell carious kinds collaborative robots and related devices, as well as products that mainly consist of electronic equipment.
Our main products are as follows. For further details of each product, please enter the dedicated website from the banner.

collaborative robot AUBO-i5

List of main products

collaborative robot related products
  • products image Sales of 6-axis collaborative robot AUBO made in China (3K ・ 5K ・ 7K ・ 10K portable type)

    It has a series of collaborative robot functions, making it an inexpensive and affordable product.

  • products image Sale of Japanese-made 4-axis collaborative SCARA robot “Momoko-chan” (2K portable type)

    Since the controller and air valve are all-in-one, the product is compact and excellent to handle handling.

  • products image Other collaborative robot-related equipment

    We sell products that are suited for and won’t damage the robot hands, such as electric grippers, suction devices, electromagnetic magnets, and flexible chucks. 

Sensor related
  • products image Image sensor using WEB camera (an original Sanki product)

    Compared with the registration screen, it is an inexpensive image sensor that can output results (16 bits).

We provide tools such as machine tools, cutting tools and gauges that contribute to high accuracy and cost reduction. When it comes to various machine tools and tools, you can leave it to our expertise.

List of machine tool manufacturers

From new purchase of machine tools of various manufacturers, overhaul, retrofit and remodeling are available.
Please contact us if you have any other problems. We will give you the best answer.

Manufacturers Products
Asahi Tech Corporation Various plants, cleaning equipment, transport equipment
Utsunomiya Seisakusho Co.,LTD CNC tool grinding machine
OET Co., Ltd. High frequency induction heating device
OKK Corporation Machining center, grinding center, general-purpose milling machine
Okuma Corporation CNC lathes, compound processing machines, machining centers, portal machining centers, grinding machines
Okamoto Machine Tool Works Ltd. Surface grinder, forming grinder, internal grinder, cylindrical grinder
Kawata Tech Co., Ltd. 5-axis machine compatible vise, large chuck, pallet changer
Camtus Corporation CAD / CAM
Kondo Machine Works Co., Ltd. Precision cylindrical grinder
JTEKT Corporation Machining center, cylindrical grinder, ultra-precision machine
Sugiama Mecha Retro Co., Ltd. Machine tool overhaul and remodeling
Seibu Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. Machine tools (Nye / Electric EDM) / Conveying machines
Sodick Co.,Ltd Electric discharge machine, electron beam, high-speed milling center, nano machining center
Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd. CNC lathes, compound processing machines, machining centers
Tactx Co., Ltd. CAD / CAM
DMG MORI CO.,LTD. CNC lathes, compound processing machines, machining centers
Techno Coat Co.,Ltd. Laser welding machine / vibrating stress relief device
TOKYO SEIMITSU CO., LTD. Precision measuring equipment
Trio Engineering Co., Ltd. Machine tool overhaul and remodeling
Naito Machinery Co., Ltd. Forging machines / rolling machines / overhauls
Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd. Ultra-precision forming surface grinder, high-precision surface grinder, portal grinder, fine processing machine
Nano Factor Co., Ltd. Tabletop precision grinding machine
Nissei, a joint-stock corporation Rolling machine / rolling machine
Engis Japan Corporation Wrapping and polishing equipment
Japan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. Servo press, hydraulic press, mechanical press, air press, precision vice
Japan Speed ​​Shore Co., Ltd. Lapping machine / machine tool coolant system
PCL Co.,Ltd. Laser welding machine
Hyuga Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Dryer, dryer, mold reversing machine, heavy object reversing device, etc.
FANUC CORPORATION ROBODRILL, Wire EDM, Ultra-precision Nano Machining Machine
Brother Industries, Ltd. Compact machining center
Plastron Co., Ltd. Yepco surface treatment equipment
MAKINO SEIKI CO.,LTD. CNC tool grinder, universal tool grinder, high precision vertical cylindrical grinder
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd. Machining center, micro precision machine, electric discharge machine
Matsuzawaseiko Corporation. Universal tool grinder
Maruei Machine Works Co., Ltd. Cylindrical grinding machine
Miura Koki Co., Ltd. Machine tool overhaul and remodeling
Mitsui High-Tec,Inc. Super precision surface grinding machine
Mitutoyo Corporation Precision measuring equipment
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Machining Center, Portal Machining Center, Small Precision Machining Machine, Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Laser processing machine, electric discharge machine, electric discharge surface treatment, electron beam processing machine
YASDA PRECISION TOOLS K.K. CNC jig borer / micro center
YAMAZAKI MAZAK CORPORATION CNC lathes, compound processing machines, machining centers, and portal machining centers
Yamazaki Giken Co., Ltd. General-purpose type milling machine, NC milling machine, machining center, horizontal type, portal NC milling machine
Waida Mfg Co., Ltd. Form grinder / Jig grinder / Tool grinder

List of cutting tool manufacturers

Please leave cutting tools from standard products to special products.
For special products, we propose new blades in cooperation with blade manufacturers.
We aim to satisfy our customers and make proposals including cost performance.

Manufacturers Products
Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. Various diamond tools
Ishii Corporation Diamond cutting tools, carbide cutting tools, high-speed cutting tools
Iwata Tool Co., Ltd Carbide tools, high-speed tools, special tools
Utsunomiya Seisakusho Co., Ltd. High-speed tools and carbide tools
OKC Co., Ltd. Carbide tool re-grinding, special carbide tools (end mills, etc.)
Kato Seiko Co., Ltd. Special carbide tools (end mills, etc.)
Saito Twist Drill. Co., Ltd. High speed drill
Shinwa Seikou Co., Ltd. Diamond cutting tools, carbide cutting tools, CBN tools
Sumitomo Electric Industries,Ltd Cutting tools, turning tools, milling tools, end mills, drills
Big Daishowa Seiki Co., Ltd. Tooling, cutting tools, measurement / measurement, peripheral equipment
New Sankyo Tool Co., Ltd. Solid carbide end mill / high speed end mill
Ehwa Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. Diamond wheel / dresser rotor leadlesser / PCD & PCBN tool
Honda Tool Co., Ltd. Cutting tools (carbide, diamond, CBN, high speed), cutting edge shape correction, regrinding
Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering,Ltd. End mills / blade changeable tools / Lathe inserts / drills / threading tools
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Turning tools (cutting tools, inserts), rotating tools (end mills, milling cutters), drilling tools (drills)
Union Tool Co., Ltd. Carbide end mill, PCB drill / router, small diameter drill, rolling die
RYOCOSEIKI.CO Carbide drill, reamer, milling machine

List of measuring equipment manufacturers

We can offer a wide range of gauges, air micros, and three dimensions.
We will solve your request. We look forward to your consultation.

Manufacturers Products
Odiya Seiki Co., Ltd. Various gauges, air micros, measuring instruments
Kyoritsu Seiki Co., Ltd. Measuring equipment (tool presetter)
Kumamoto Seken Industry Co., Ltd. On-machine measuring instrument
Big Daishowa Seiki Co., Ltd. Measurement / Measurement / Peripheral Equipment
DAIICHISOKUHAN CO.,LTD. Gauge, air, electric micrometer, measuring instrument, ball screw
Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. CMM, various precision measuring instruments, dicing machines, precision cutting blades,
Trio INC. Dynamic Tool Monitor J-Core (Tool Measurement System)
Mitutoyo Corporation CMM and various precision measuring instruments
Union Tool Co. Digital measuring instrument / biological sensor

List of other tool manufacturers

Please contact us for any tools, such as whetstones and spindles.

Manufacturers Products
AFC Japan Corporation Round bar for carbide tools
N・E Co.,Ltd. Wire cut electrical discharge machine filters and various filters
MST Corporation Shrink fit holder, replaceable tool arbor, extra fine / angle head
Kyoritsu Seiki Co., Ltd. Spherical processing machines, measuring equipment (tool presetter), general tools (arbor & holder & special tool), stirring deaerator
Gunkyo Seisakusyo Corporation Filter cleaning, fitting manufacturing, laser nozzle manufacturing
Sakae Seiki Co., Ltd. Precision vice, wire cutting jig, burner, mold
Smk Co.,Ltd Wire electrode wire, filter, ion exchange resin, jig for electric discharge machining
Sanwa Chemical Co., Ltd. Metal processing oil, cleaning fluid, rust preventive oil (Oil mist, oil smoke, hand roughening countermeasure product)
Showa Tool Co., Ltd. Tooling, cutting tools, peripheral equipment
SHOWA PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO., Ltd. Tooling, shrink fit holder, cutting tool, peripheral equipment
TAMURA Corporation Cutting oil recycling equipment
Daizo Corporation Lubricants, cleaning agents, pastes / grease / oil products
Big Daishowa Seiki Co., Ltd. Tooling, cutting tools, measurement / measurement, peripheral equipment
Trio Engineering Co., Ltd. Warpage removal sheet, ES chuck, ceramic product
Nakajima Doko Co.Ltd Cordless gas soldering iron / soldering iron chip
Nakanishi Inc. High precision motor & spindle micro grinder & tip tool
Nagoya Diamond Kogyo Co., Ltd. Diamond / CBN wheel, electrodeposition tool, rotor leadlesser
Nippon Engis Corporation Diamond slurry, polishing compound, lubricant
Nippon Diamond Co., Ltd. Various dressers, grinding wheels, finishing wheels, metal bond products, electrodeposition products
Nippon Tokushu Goukin Co., Ltd. Carbide tool material, throw-away tip, binderless alloy, carbide precision jig
Ehwa Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. Diamond wheel / dresser, rotary dresser, PCD & PCBN tool
Hymer Japan Tooling / Tool Presetter / Measurement / Measurement / Peripheral Equipment
BC TECH CO.,LTD Tooling, cutting tools, peripheral equipment
Fuji Die Co., Ltd. Cemented carbide wear resistant tool