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Sample Products Overview

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  • Dedicated machines
  • Electronic equipment
  • Factory service

We will design and manufacture dedicated machines that comply with customer equipment standards and realize individual equipment functions. Through many years of experience with dedicated machines, we will realize the functions and performances that customers require. We will design and manufacture the best production equipment by confirming the requirements and making proposals by meeting the specifications.

We design and manufacture custom electronic devices using personal computers and microcomputers. We will clarify the requirements by discussing specifications with customers and design electronic circuit hardware and microcomputer / PC software. We will provide the best equipment for your requirements, including printed circuit board production, housing design and production.

We provide total support for facilities related to the factory from IOT conversion in the factory to relocation, modification and maintenance work of the facility. In-factory IOT is available not only for new equipment but also for installation to existing equipment, startup work, and operation support. In addition, we will provide total support for relocation work including preliminary surveys, dismantling work, unloading and loading, installation work, as well as equipment startup and logistics improvements.