Vending machine division

Handling vending machines, ticket vending machines, etc.

Fifty years of safe and reliable services...

Fifty years of patronage by large number of major enterprises including those in Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Shizuoka prefectures.
As an eco-friendly operator of vending machines, we provide not only the paper cup, cans and plastic bottle beverages but also a wide variety of food items such as cup noodles, bread, and confectioneries.. Staff with rich experience, holding national certifications, will provide management and service of vending machines.
Also, please contact us if you are considering to purchase vending machines, ticket-vending machines, tea supply machines or water activator, π Water, etc.

For those considering to introduce vending machines

Enhancement of welfare facilities

By installing a vending machine in the office, employees can be provided with refreshing short breaks. Besides creating smooth communication within the company, improved productivity can also be expected.

On-site support areas Enhancement of welfare facilities

Machines handled

We deal with energy saving and minimum power consuming general-purpose machines that sell food items such as cup noodles, can and pet bottle machines as well as ticket-vending machines and tea supply machines for cafeterias, pools and public baths. We also offer water activator, "π Water" that cuts chlorine residue to the minimum.

Cup vending machinesJapan domestic sales only

Vending machine that provides various beverages such as regular coffee in both hot & cold like a small coffee shop.

General-purpose machineJapan domestic sales only

Mini-shop that sells beverages, foods, daily necessities. Installation date is the opening day.

Ticket-vending machinesJapan domestic sales only

Vending machines that provide ticket systems for various facilities such as cafeterias, pools, public baths, cinema complexes.

Tea vending machineJapan domestic sales only

Tea vending machine that provides easy, convenient and economical system for tea service.

πWaterJapan domestic sales only

The water that refreshes the inherent freshness of human body and tastes good---That is π water.

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