Corporate history

March 1948 Machine tool dealer SANKI COMANY (24 Minaminegicho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi) was founded
October 1950 Reorganized to unlimited company SANKI COMPANY (moved to 1-9 Kakomachi, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi in July 1957)
1955 Started the design and manufacture of jigs, parts for jig and tools.
1960 Started the design and manufacture of specialized machines and equipment
April 1961 Founded SANKI TRADING CO., LTD (Capital of 3 million yen)
October 1962 Started vending machine business
August 1963 Increased the capital to 6 million yen
April 1964 Started metallic machine tool business, increased the capital to 10 million yen
March 1966 Completed the first period of constructing head office building, moved to the current location
Completed the first period of constructing head office building
May 1966 Opened Hamamatsu office ( opened at 420 Magomemachi, Hamamatsu-shi, later moved to 1511 Terawakicho, Hamamatsu-shi, then further moved to the current location, renamed Hamamatsu Sales Office)
May 1968 Increased the capital to 20 million yen
November 1968 Completed the second term of the head office building construction
May 1969 Increased the capital to 30 million yen
May 1971 Increased the capital to 45 million yen
May 1978 Increased the capital to 54 million yen
May 1979 Increased the capital to 62.1 million yen
March 1981 Increased the capital to 80 million yen having the capital participation of Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd Newly established Electronics division
March 1982 Newly established electronics factory
December 1982 Honored by the governor of Aichi Prefecture as an excellent company in the aspect of unemployment insurance
May 1985 Increased the capital to 90 million yen
December 1988 Established SANKI FINANCE LTD.
September 1991 Increased the capital to 99 million yen
August 1995 Completed the exterior work of the whole head office building
Completed the exterior work of the whole head office building
January 1998 Established SANKI NORTH AMERICA, INC.
July 2001 Established the representative office in Seoul
April 2002 Mechatronics division ISO9001: 2000 Registration screening
August 2003 Completed the construction of new office building for Mechatronics division
June 2004 ISO9001: 2000 Registration expansion (headquarters)
Redecoration of the whole building for headquarters
November 2004 Honored by Nagoya-shi as Meritorious Company for tax payment
July 2005 ISO14001:2004  acquired by Headquarters and Mechatronics.
September 2005 Established SANKI EUROPE KERESKEDELMI KFT.
July 2006 Promoted the representative office in Seoul to Korean branch office
July 2008 Registration for screening of quality management system(JISQ9100:2004/JISQ9001:2000)for procurement and sale of jigs and jig parts in the aerospace industry.
March 2008 Reviewed environmental policies
October 2008 Established Kitakyushu sales office
December 2008 Started the manufacture EC shop MONOZO
October 2010 Established Guangzhou Sanyunji Trading Co., Ltd as a business base in China
January 2014 Established PT. Sanki Mechatro Indonesia as a business base in Indonesia
February 2015 Management integration with the Corporation Sanki machine was renamed the company name with the Sanki co., Ltd.
January 2016 Established PT.Sanki Machine Indonesia as a manufacturing base in Indonesia
January 2017 Submission of Declaration of Registration Notification of Registered Head Office (ISO 9001: 2008 / IOS Q 9001: 2008)
February 2019 New Head office building completed
New Head office building completed
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